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Corporate Finance Advisory Services

Private equity advisory services

Private Equity Advisory

Explore Caban Capital's Private Equity Advisory Services, your pathway to informed investments and strategic growth in impact-related sectors.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Our Mergers & Acquisitions services are tailored to help businesses seize opportunities, navigate complexities, and drive growth through strategic partnerships and alliances.

Due Diligence & Feasibility Analysis

The Due Diligence & Feasibility Analysis services we offer provides essential insights and assessments needed for informed decision-making, ensuring the success of your strategic initiatives.

Corporate finance advisory services

Marketing Strategy & Investor Advice

With Caban Capital's Marketing Strategy & Investor Advice services, you gain a strategic edge in optimizing your business growth, leveraging expert guidance to attract investors and unlock your company's full potential.

Debt or Equity Private Placement Support

Elevate your financial strategy with Caban Capital's Debt or Equity Private Placement Support services, designed to help businesses secure the funding they need, whether through debt or equity, for sustained growth and success

Fundraising Advisory & Support

Embark on a successful fundraising journey with Caban Capital's Fundraising Advisory & Support services, where our expertise guides your efforts to secure the capital required for your business's next phase of growth.