About Us

About Us

A Leading Corporate Finance Advisory Firm

Caban Capital is your trusted partner in the dynamic realm of corporate finance, with a distinct focus on the African market, Impact investment, and businesses with a social conscience. We are dedicated to empowering your growth and success, both in Africa and across the UK and Europe, ensuring that you have access to a broader international landscape.

We are a corporate finance advisory firm with a distinctive focus on Africa, Impact investment, and businesses committed to social responsibility. We extend our expertise to the UK and Europe, offering a global perspective to our clients. We are your dedicated partner for growth, innovation, and positive change, creating meaningful impact while upholding ethical business practices.

Expertise & Insight

Benefit from our expert knowledge and deep insights into the African and European markets.

Impact-Driven Approach

Leverage our commitment to socially responsible business practices and Impact investment, aligning your goals with meaningful change.

Global Reach

Access an extensive network and international perspective, ensuring your business can expand across continents.

Tailored Solutions

Receive customized strategies designed to meet your specific needs and impact-driven objectives.

Ethical Partner

Partner with a firm dedicated to ethical practices, ensuring trust and integrity in all our collaborations.

Long Term Partners

Sustainable Value

10 Years

Of Supporting African Growth Firms

Triple Bottom Line

People | Planet | Profit


Years of Combined Corporate Finance Experience

Sustainable Prosperity In Action

Committed To Client Outcomes

Ensuring Your Business Growth Through Expert Corporate Finance Advisory & a Triple Bottomline Ethos

We Follow Best Practices

Fostering Financial Growth with a People-First, Impact-Oriented Approach