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African Focussed Corporate Finance Advisory

Caban Capital delivers African market focussed Corporate Finance  Advisory Services across Sub_Saharan Africa and the UK.  Part of the Caban Group, we support growth stage clients with capital raising, deal sourcing, M&As or joint ventures.
Our clients benefit from our UK and African networks to support their business growth strategies.

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10 Years of Supporting African Growth Firms

Caban Capital has been providing African Focused Corporate Finance Services to support growth stage firms across Sub-Saharan Africa for the past 10 years, facilitating their financial growth and expansion in the region.

Financial Growth Solutions

Tailored Corporate Finance Solutions for African Growth Stage Firm.

100 Years+

Of Combined Corporate Finance Experience, Proudly Supporting Entrepreneurs.


Empowering Businesses through Strategic Corporate Finance Advisory Service

Bespoke Solutions

Unlocking Africa's Potential with Customised Solutions.

Bespoke Services

Corporate Finance Advisory Services

Private equity advisory services

Private Equity Advisory

"Supporting business growth with our Private Equity Advisory service, and access to vital financial resources and expertise to fuel their success.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Drive business growth through our Mergers & Acquisitions expertise, connecting firms in Sub-Saharan Africa for strategic expansion

Due Diligence & Feasibility Analysis

Ensure informed decisions with Due Diligence & Feasibility Analysis, providing valuable insights to support business growth in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Corporate finance advisory services

Marketing Strategy & Investor Advice

Optimize growth through Marketing Strategy & Investor Advice, equipping Sub-Saharan African businesses with essential guidance and strategies for success.

Debt or Equity Private Placement Support

Support growth with Debt or Equity Private Placement assistance for Sub-Saharan African businesses.

Fundraising Advisory & Support

"Expert Support in Funding Process for Sub-Saharan Businesses.

Sustainable Prosperity in Action

Committed To Client Outcomes

Ensuring Your Business Growth Through Expert Corporate Finance Advisory & a Triple Bottomline Ethos

Impact-Driven Corporate Finance Advisory

Fostering Financial Growth with a People-First, Impact-Oriented Approach

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Frequently Asked Questions

At Caban Capital, we offer a distinctive approach to Corporate Finance Advisory Services. Our team’s deep industry knowledge and unwavering commitment to your financial success make us the preferred choice. We have a history of delivering results, and we’re dedicated to helping you meet your financial objectives.

Getting Started

Initiating a partnership with us is quick and straightforward. Simply fill out the contact form on our “Contact Us” page, and one of our dedicated experts will promptly reach out to you. We will discuss your unique requirements, guide you through the next steps, and ensure a seamless onboarding process for all your corporate finance advisory needs.


Our Corporate Finance Advisory Services can benefit your business in numerous ways. We bring decades of industry experience and a deep understanding of financial markets, allowing us to provide you with expert guidance and strategies. By leveraging our services, you can make informed financial decisions, optimize your capital structure, and achieve your financial goals efficiently.

Our team of seasoned professionals stands out for their in-depth industry knowledge, extensive transaction experience, and a client-focused approach. We are dedicated to delivering tailored solutions that address your specific challenges and objectives. Our track record of successful financial transactions and our commitment to your success make us a reliable partner for all your corporate finance needs.

We provide a wide array of Corporate Finance Advisory Services designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses. Our offerings encompass:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A): We assist in identifying, negotiating, and executing mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures to enhance your growth strategies.

  • Capital Raising: Our team can help you secure the necessary capital through equity or debt financing, ensuring your financial needs are met effectively.

  • Financial Restructuring: We offer guidance on improving your financial structure, optimizing debt, and managing financial distress situations.

  • Strategic Financial Planning: Our experts work with you to create and execute strategic financial plans that align with your long-term objectives.

  • Valuation Services: We provide comprehensive business valuation services to determine the worth of your assets or the entire company.

  • Transaction Advisory: We offer transaction support services to ensure that your financial decisions are sound and well-informed.

  • Corporate Restructuring: Our expertise in restructuring helps you navigate complex financial challenges and transform your organization.

These are just some of the services we offer. We tailor our solutions to your specific requirements, ensuring that you receive the precise guidance and support needed for your financial success.